He Hands a Homeless Man $100 and Follows Him to See How He Spends It. What He Discovers Will SHOCK You!


There's this general idea that it’s not a very good idea to give money to homeless people. Most people assume they’ll spend it on alcohol or drugs. But let this video prove that stereotypes are simply just that, and there are far better people in the world than what's assumed. 

Josh Paler Lin isn't your ordinary teen. He's on a mission to prove that "God helps those who help themselves." In his recent Social Experiment, he hands a homeless man $100, just because. What the homeless man doesn't know is that Josh and his friend are then following him to see how he spends the money. 

Once he walks into a liquor store, I'm convinced he'll come out with alcohol, but boy was I wrong! What this homeless man does with his $100 is a true life lesson we can all change and grow from. This is absolutely beautiful! 

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