He Lied to Everyone in His Family. The Reason Why Makes it ALL Worth it!


When Bryan Greig moved from Ireland to America, he knew he probably wouldn't see his family for a while, but he didn't realize how hard it would actually be to be so far from them! 

So this Christmas, he decided it was about time to reunite with the ones he missed the most. But, instead of simply buying a ticket home, he decided to pull off one of the best Christmas surprises ever!

Knowing that his sister's birthday was right around the holiday season, there couldn't be a more perfect time! 

Bryan ended up spending 30 hours of travel through 5 different cities in order to get home in time for his sisters birthday. He had to resort to a lot of lying in order to make this whole ordeal actually a surprise...but when you see the final reveal...its all worth it! 

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