He Plays Professional Football For a Living But Can’t Fight Back Tears When Talking About This


He promised her a touchdown on her special day, and that is
exactly what he did. Indianapolis Colts receiver, T.Y. Hilton had a very
emotional day and game Sunday, November 24.

Early Sunday morning Hilton’s wife gave birth to a beautiful
baby girl! He was scheduled to play in an important NFL game against the
Jaguars later that day and fans were concerned he wasn’t going to make it.

Not only was he going to play, but he was going to score a
touchdown in honor of his newly-born daughter. When he caught the pass and
scored that touchdown, he cradled the ball in the end zone, paying tribute to
his newly-born baby girl.

When interviewed about it after the game, he couldn’t fight
back the tears! It’s so sweet to see a man get emotional about such a precious

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