He Prayed His Stutter Wouldn’t Ruin His Audition. Looks Like His Prayers Were Answered!


Harrison Craig has spent the 18 years of his life with a stutter that has created a challenge and struggle in everything he does. However, through singing, Harrison has discovered an outlet that buries this small problem.  

Dreaming of a moment like this his whole life, we watch as Harrison finally get his opportunity to sing his heart out to the world! 

Knowing that to impress the judges, he needs to put his full heart and soul into the song, Harrison just prays his stutter won't be get in the way. 

When he finally takes the stage and begins singing, I was shocked! I would have NEVER known he even had the slightest stutter!

The best part is after he is finished singing and Seal gives one of the most sincere, heartfelt reactions I have seen on the show!  

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