He’s Back and Better Than Ever. Unleash the Weird!


One of his first hits ‘I Love Rocky Road’ (a parody of ‘I
Love Rock n Roll’) came out in 1982 and made him a permanent fixture on the
music scene! “Weird Al” Yankovic has been serving up hilarious musical parodies
for decades and is back and better than ever!

From Michael Jackson to Nirvana, you name the hot song or
artist and “Weird Al” has probably parodied it. My personal favorite is “Eat
It”, a spoof on Michael Jackson’s ‘”Beat It”. All of “Weird Al’s” songs are
just so catchy!

He took a break for a while but now he’s back on the scene
and ready to rock! I’m sure we’ve all heard Pharrell’s smash-hit song ‘Happy’.
If you haven’t heard it, you’ve most likely been living under a rock for the
past couple months.

But here’s the “Weird Al” version of ‘Happy’ – ‘Tacky’.

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