He’s down on One Knee…but NOT to Propose!


Planning a wedding can be extremely stressful. Who to
invite, where to have the reception, centerpieces, music and more all need to
be decided for one day. Some couples decide to forego the traditional wedding and
elope instead. What’s what this couple was leaning towards…or so Colleen

Colleen and Shawn had been engaged for a while but the
wedding plans were not yet finalized. Shawn had a pretty good idea of what
Colleen wanted out of a wedding and so he put his yearlong plan into action. He
planned their entire wedding but kept it a secret from his fiancée. She showed
up to the wedding thinking she was headed to a retirement party but instead
Shawn was there on one knee asking if she would marry him…TODAY! You’ve gotta
see how she reacts!

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