He Surprised His Mum and Dad With the Performance of a Lifetime! What an AMAZING Son!


The X Factor hosts some of the most talented, emerging artists there are, but it's not often they come across singers with such an amazing heart and witty personality as they did with Craig Colton.

This young man from Liverpool, England was suppose to be off to work one morning, but instead, made his way to the X Factor auditions where his mum and pop sat in the audience completely oblivious of what he was about to do! 

Watch as Craig courageously walks across the stage to present himself to the judges and to his parents. Their surprised reactions are enough to bring a tear to your eye, but nothing compared to their reaction when he begins to sing his rendition of Adele's "Hiding My Heart Away."  

This 22 year-old man not only have a personality that is so easy to love but a voice of a STAR! It's no surprise the judges loved him as much as I did! He's remarkable! 

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