This Cop Was On Duty When His FAVORITE Song Came On The Radio. What He Does Next Will Make Your Day!


Whether you're a teen girl who has just got her heart broken, or a tough law enforcer who's saving the day, there's no denying your love for this insanely catchy Taylor Swift tune! 

Every now and then the police department stumbles across a great video from their dash-cam reviews, but they struck gold with this clip of a very upbeat police officer rocking out to Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off." 

Watch as Master Cpl. Jeff Davis of  Dover, Delaware is going about his business when his favorite song came on the radio- and he just couldn't contain himself. With all the negative publicity police officers have been recieving lately, here's a refresher of how fun-loving our law enforcers can actually be!

This is beyond entertaining to watch!

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