Her Family Had NO Idea That They Were About to Be Part of Her Marriage Proposal!


Australian independent filmmaker Glenn Triggs decided to use his talents to do something no one saw coming! 

For their five year anniversary, Glenn knew that he wanted to propose to his girlfriend, Bethia De Groot. The idea of a video began turning in his head, and soon thereafter, he began putting together a film that would ultimately become his proposal to Bethia. 

Glenn filmed their family and friends passing an imaginary item (he told them it was an imaginary necklace) to one another. He combined this with multiple images of Bethia, along with recordings of him playing the guitar - resulting in one epic proposal video. 

In the end, Glenn "passes" the imaginary item through the TV and we watch as he gets down on one knee and proposes to Bethia who is overcome with tears...happy tears of course!

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