Her Family Suffered in a Severe Car Accident. 10 Years Later, She’s Honoring Those Who Saved Her Baby’s Life!


“Life was perfect,” young mother, Kelly,
remembered through tears. “It was just how it should be.” But ten years ago, this
flawless, thriving life came to a streaking halt as she experienced a mother’s
worst nightmare.

When her
newborn baby boy, Eli, was only 14-weeks old, her family experienced a horrific car accident, where her
husband was killed instantly and
baby Eli was severely injured. Hanging on to life, baby Eli was airlifted to a nearby hospital where doctors did
everything they could to save his life.

Now 10 years later, Kelly is retracing the memory of the moment life took a turn for the worst, only to give thanks to
those people who saved her son’s life.

With the
help of Strong Films, we’re able to experience the moment this young, grateful mother expresses utmost
gratitude to the real-life superheros through
the “The Thank You Project.”

Grab the
tissues- this is a story unlike you’ve ever heard before.


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