Her Husband Went Off to War Then Disappeared. 68 Years Later She Finds Out The Truth.


This story almost seems too unbelievable to be true. Peggy
and Billie Harris were married in 1944 and then six weeks later he left for
WWII. Lt. Billie Harris was a fighter pilot who fought to liberate France from
the Nazis.

Billie was shot down and killed in July of 1944 over
Nazi-occupied northern France, according to Steve Hartman at CBS News. But due
to miscommunication and snafus Peggy, his wife, never found out what happened
to him. In her mind, her husband was just missing.

She said she waited, “All of my life.” – never remarrying or
moving on. Although she assumed he was dead, she never knew the story of what
happened to him. And might not have if it weren’t for a relative looking into
his military records.

What she found out was unbelievable. The fate of her husband
is far more than what anyone might expect. I was shocked when I first watched
this video!

This story of love, courage and honor left me in tears.
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beautifully touching story.

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