Her Mother’s Death Has Become This Little Girl’s Inspiration to Sing!


It all started when a proud father recorded his daughter singing and decided to post it on Youtube for friends and family to hear. But, to his surprise, the video didn't just stop with friends and family, her talent spread like wildfire over the internet! Soon Rhema Marvanne become an internet sensation!

When Rhema was just 3 years old, her mother tragically died from cancer. Rhema was there for her mother throughout the entire sickness, including the chemotherapy treatments, that were often times difficult to watch. But Rhema remained strong and stayed by her mother's side the entire time.

Once her mother passed, Rhema knew she could use the love and emotions she had for her mother and project that into her music, hoping to encourage others to stay strong through hard times.

Little Rhema believes that God has called on her to sing gospel, and it is through that gospel music that she says has the capability to touch people's hearts. 

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