Her Proposal Is Nearly Ruined. But The Ending Will Convince You They’re Living a Real Life Fairy Story!


One of a man's most difficult tasks in life is getting the proposal down to perfection- because that's the story that will be shared for generations to come. Adam Kessler learned that tough lesson in life when his proposal for his girlfriend didn't go exactly as planned. 

He had been working on a master proposal plan for months, to blindfold her, get all of her closest family and friends together to offer her their words of wisdom, take her to the spot their parents got engaged, and ask for her hand in marriage. The plan was perfect- except, who would capture it all on film? Adam wasn't able to afford a videographer so he did what any financially struggling young man would do and asked for help.

Best Buy overheard his story and thought it was so sweet, they offered to get his entire proposal on film for free! Now that's good customer service right here!  

Watch this romantic proposal maybe not go exactly as planned, but turn out to be absolutely perfect! 

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