Her Voice Blew EVERYONE Away … Then She Took Off Her Disguise and Revealed Who She REALLY Was!


Karaoke bars are places where Average Joes can go to feel
like total superstars. People of all ages love karaoke bars because they can
have the chance to belt out their favorite tune, or watch others pretend to be
the next Elvis Presley.

And this Los Angeles karaoke bar is no exception! Funny or
Die and Jewel teamed up to pull off the ultimate prank on the patrons of this
packed karaoke bar. In this clip, Jewel goes undercover as an office worker who
is out with her co-workers after attending a ‘frozen foods convention’. Jewel
and her ‘co workers’ are sitting at a table when they all coax ‘Karen’, aka
Jewel, to go onstage and sing.

She starts singing some of her own songs, “Who Will Save
Your Soul?” and “You Were Meant For Me”. Everyone in the crowd is totally blown
away by how well she can sing!

When she was done singing she walked off stage and changed
into her real clothes and the DJ announced Jewel was there. The crowd was
stunned and she went back on stage as her real self, Jewel. You can see that
some people put two and two together but some had no idea!

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