How Much Sugar is in Coca Cola vs. Coke Zero. It’s Worse Than I Thought!


We all know that soda is bad for us. From the extremely high
sugar content, to the empty calories, the only thing soda pop provides us with
is a flavor we love. Sure, it’s bad for us but sometimes a refreshing, ice-cold
Coca Cola is all you need!

This simple experiment REALLY shows you how much sugar is in
Coca Cola though! Normally these experiments seem too complex for their own
good and don’t really get the point across. But the simplicity of this video really
breaks it down for you.

In this experiment all they did was boil regular Coca Cola
and Coke Zero. Boiling these two drinks will remove the water, leaving just the
sugar behind. The amount of sugar left behind blew me away, when you see it
from this perspective it’ll shock you!

Although Coca Cola had WAY more sugar than Coke Zero, I
can’t help but wonder if the artificial sugar in Coke Zero is good for you?

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