I Can’t Even Hula Hoop Let Alone Do Anything Like THIS! She’s AMAZING!


Rachael Lust just recently picked up the art of "hooping", but you'd never guess with the amount of talent she possesses. This urban athlete has the ability to take that simple, curricular piece of plastic we all loved playing with as children and use it as an incredible dance form. 

Rachael not only plays the role of a mom and a wife, she's now the face of professional "Hooping"! When she's not raising her son or spending time with her husband, she's on the street corners showing off her dance moves with her hula hoop and sharing her passion for the art at an Ohio fitness center, leading hooping classes for aspiring hoopers. 

It wasn't until viewing her video that I even knew "hooping" was a sport, and I'm so glad I do now! She's incredible! Should I even dare try mimicking this?

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