I Don’t Care What Anyone Says – Sloths are ADORABLE!


In Costa Rica there lies an extraordinary sanctuary devoted to saving orphaned and injured sloths - the only one of its kind! The safe haven is home to over 160 of these intriguing creatures and some of its inhabitants are quickly becoming internet sensations!

Over the years, the people who run the sanctuary have figured out exactly what a baby sloth needs to survive. Sometimes it's a teddy, a nice, soft blanket, or just some warm milk! Unfortunately, Sloth milk is hard to come by, so these sloths become sensitive to infection and bugs. 

In this video, Judy performs her special treatment to make sure the baby sloths are kept clear of bugs. She shaves the hair and then to sooth the skin and prevent any other bugs from coming back, she rubs lard all over the sloth, then swaddles it in cloth. 

The tiny sloth is so brave! In the end, the adorable animal is rekindled with his sister sloth who has received the same treatment and their reaction is precious! Please SHARE! 

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