I’m Shocked. I Can’t Believe These Parents Did THIS to Their Kids!


During the Holiday season it can be difficult to remember
what is truly important. Instead of the season of giving it turns into the
season of getting.

These parents were having an extremely difficult time
instilling the idea of giving and gratefulness in their children this year.
Despite their efforts their kids were being ungrateful, disrespectful and in
their opinion, undeserving. They had heard enough and decided to cancel
Christmas all together. Although their kids were upset at first it looks like
they are learning their lesson and working to be more grateful and less
selfish. They are hoping that next year they will end up on the nice list.

Although many parents threaten to cancel Christmas these are
the first ones that I have seen follow through. What do you think about what
they did? How would you have handled it? Let us know!

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