I Thought Pitbulls Were Supposed to Be Mean…I Couldn’t Believe What This One Did!


Pitbulls often get a bad rap for being aggressive but Chance
is defiantly working to give his fellow dogs a better name!

Chance and his owner Colin had lived together for a few
years and were completely inseparable! One day Colin, the Vietnam veteran, fell
and hit his head. He immediately passed out and was unable to call for help.
Chance had tried to wake his owner and then went for help. He let himself out
and stood in front of the neighbor’s door barking for help. The neighbors found
Chance covered in blood and knew right away something was wrong. They were able
to follow him back to the house and get Colin the help he needed.

Colin knows that without Chance to look out there for him it
could have been too late by the time someone found him.

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