I Would Have Never Thought to do THIS to My Pregnant Tummy!


I'm always amazed at some of the incredibly touching ideas people come up with to remember their pregnancy, but this one might be my favorite!

Missy Lanning wanted to remember everything about the days leading up to the birth of her first child - her body forming around the baby, hugging him tight, forming something so pure and full of joy! 

As Missy explains in her poetic narration, she wants to let her son know how honored she is to be his mother, reassure him that her body is his home, and no matter how much pain she may be going through, he is worth it!

In this video we watch Missy create a cast of her belly, assisted by her beautiful narration that brought me to tears. 

I loved this idea so much, I definitely plan on doing this for my second pregnancy! SHARE this wonderfully sweet video! 

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