If You Ever Felt Different in High School, You Need to Watch This German Ad


Did you ever feel like you marched to the beat of your own
drum in high school? I’m sure at one point or another we all felt a little
different or out of place when we were younger.

With so much pressure to fit in, kids can be so quick to
judge anyone who’s ‘different’ or not exactly like them. This ad starts off
with a young teenager, who dresses goth, and her dad in a car.

He drops her off at school and the story follows her throughout
her day and how people react to her ‘different’ style. Feeling discouraged,
judged and out of place she comes home to find her dad doing the most awesome
thing ever.

We all have different styles and ways of living that aren’t
always accepted by everyone. But having supportive and loving parents can make
a WORLD of difference! Seeing her dad supporting her choices and loving her no
matter what turned her whole day around and made her happy.

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