If You’ve Ever Doubted the Importance of Sunblock, You NEED to see This!


We all know the sun can wreak havoc on our skin. It can burn
us, prematurely age us, give us sunspots, the list goes on and on. But have you
wondered what your skin looks like from the sun’s point of view?

Videographer Thomas Leveritt hit the streets and asked
people to take a look at themselves under ultraviolet light. Ultraviolet light
shows changes to the skin that the naked eye can’t see yet, such as freckles, spots,
and bumps.

When people saw themselves from the viewpoint of ultraviolet
rays they were shocked needless to say. When you can visibly see the damage the
sun has done and is doing to your skin, it’s shocking!

Since sunscreen is designed to block UV rays, this video
showed what sunscreen looks like to the sun. It blew me away – I had no idea!

This video reminded me how important sunblock REALLY is!
Since it is the time of year where everyone is outside enjoying the sunshine,
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