If You’ve Owned a Barbie Doll In Your Lifetime, This Video Is For YOU! Get Ready For a BIG Change!


There's a new doll and the market and it's not your typical stick-thin, un-proportional image of what you're used to finding on the store shelves. They've created a doll with moles, acne. stretch marks and all, and they're leaving it up to the kids to be the judge of it's look! 

Artists, Nikolay Lamm created a "real-life" barbie doll that resembles the image the your average 19-year-old woman. He tag-lined it, "Average is Beautiful." 

Second graders from St. Edmund's Academy, an independent school in Pittsburg, are asked their thoughts and opinions of the dolls. It wasn't until they compared the "average-looking" doll to an original Barbie doll that I completely lost it! This is beyond eye-opening! 

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