In an Attempt to Rescue this Homeless Dog, something SHOCKING was Discovered!


The animal rescue organization, Hope Far Paws, received an urgent call asking for help when a family discovered that a stray pit bull had just given birth in their yard.

To keep the dogs from running away, the rescuers secured the yard with temporary fencing. As expected the mother dog tried to escape, but slowly the rescuers were able to calm her down.

You can actually see the look of relief on the mother's face when she feels the warmth and comfort of a loving hand. When the rescuers continue on to the babies, unfortunately they discover that one of them had not made it. 

This rescue mission absolutely melted my heart, but I am so happy this beautiful pit bull family was saved. Please SHARE this video. 

WARNING: Look away at around 3:55 if you have a weak stomach.

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