Incredibly Heart-Warming Story of Chloe, a 4-Year-Old Girl Diagnosed with a Brain Tumor on Christmas Eve


Dr. Alex Levy shares his tear-jerking story of one of his most memorable experiences working in the Arnold Palmer Hospital. It was Christmas Eve and Dr. Levy had to diagnose a 4-year-old girl, Chloe, with a malignant brain tumor. 

When Dr. Levy went on to share the devastating news with Chloe's family, the first thing the father asked was, "will I ever get to walk my daughter in her wedding?" Being completely honest, the doctor responded that he truly didn't know but would do everything possible to make that happen. 

Three surgeries and a year and a half of chemotherapy later, Chloe is now doing great! When the doctor told the father that the only thing he wishes for is to be able to attend Chloe's wedding one day, the father's response is that he is planning on having Dr. Levy not only attend the wedding; but actually walk Chloe down the isle.

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