It’s Not Often You See a Friendship Like THIS!

It’s Not Often You See a Friendship Like THIS!

Another unlikely duo melting the hearts of millions!

I've seen quite a few videos of unlikely friendships, but this might have to be the sweetest one I've seen yet! 

What makes a good friendship? Accepting each other despite your differences! I think these two precious animals are doing a great job at appreciating each other no matter how different of creatures they may be! 

I've known that magpies are very intelligent birds, but I had no idea how loving and playful they could actually be! As for the puppy, he is so innocently sweet and happy to just have someone to play with – this video is just oozing with cuteness! 

Watch how the two play with one another without a care in the world! This unusual friendship made me want to share this video with all of my friends and hopefully you'll want to SHARE with yours!