It Took This Man Over an Hour to do Something I Could Have Done in a Minute!


The streets of New York aren't always hospitable...(the streets anywhere for a matter of fact!) Now, imagine trying to get around those streets in a wheelchair. As I'm sure you can guess - it sure ain't easy.

Fewer than 20% of subway stations have elevators, and only 2% of the city's 13,000 taxis are actually handicap accessible. This leads the majority of disabled New Yorkers to resort to taking Access-A-Ride, which is often slow and unreliable.

Through this video, we see how hard getting around the city can be, through the eyes of Scott Hard who is paraplegic due to a hit-and-run accident in 2008. 

It is astonishing to watch as this man tries to hail a taxi - something that could have taken me under a minute to do. For Scott, it takes over an hour!

I've never really thought about how many little things we could be doing better to help those people who are confined to wheelchairs. This video truly opened my eyes. Please SHARE to spread awareness! 

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