It Was an Ordinary Day at the Beach, Until THIS Popped Out of the Sand!


What started out as a regular day at the beach, turned into
a day these guys will NEVER forget. Often times when we go to the beach we
totally forget that we’re in other animals’ homes and eco systems. The sand
alone is home to countless types of critters and animals – for example, a nest
of baby leatherback turtles.

The men who filmed (and provided awesome commentary) on this
video were hanging out at Vero Beach, Florida when all of a sudden they noticed
something emerging from the sand. To their surprise, dozens of tiny baby
leatherback turtles started climbing out of the sand!

To be able to witness nature like this is absolutely
amazing. It’s astounding to watch these baby turtles pop out of the sand and
then instinctively head to the ocean. Mother Nature always seems to take my
breath away! This wonderful video was a little reminder that life goes on, no
matter what.

Not only is it humbling to be able to watch something like
this, but the commentary provided by the men filming is great! They were such
supporters and cheerleaders!

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