It Was Her Lifelong Dream to Get Called on Stage to Fight Evil, But Not For The Reason you Might Think


Sariah Gallego is the epitome of a Star Wars fan. She
collects all the action figures from the original first three movies, to the
clone wars figures. Darth Talon is her idol and she’s read the graphic novels
cover to cover.

So, when her and her family took a trip to Disneyland, it
was imperative that they went to the interactive Star Wars show “Jedi Academy”.
Sariah had only dreamed of being called on stage and being apart of the show.

Well, her dreams came true that day at Disneyland. She was
called up on stage by one of the “Jedi Masters” who led her up to Darth Vader.
This “Jedi Master” (and everyone else in the crowd) expected her to deny Darth
Vader and refuse to join the dark side.

But she had something else in mind that I don’t think
anybody in the crowd expected!

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