Justin Timberlake Stops His Entire Concert To Do THIS For A Little Boy With Autism!


Julian’s parents treated him to
a Justin Timberlake concert for his 8th birthday, but he got WAY
more than he anticipated!

During the concert, Julian was
cheering from his dad’s shoulders and got the attention of Justin. He then
stopped his performance to have a conversation with Julian. Once he realized
Julian was there to celebrate his birthday, he got everyone in the crowd to
sing happy birthday to the little boy!

Last year, his parents
discovered that Julian has high-functioning autism, so they were a bit hesitant
to take him to the Justin Timberlake 20/20 Experience. This was because they did not want him to
disrupt the other concertgoers. Their worries quickly went away when the people
next to them, and the thousands of fans in the stadium, got together to wish
Julian the best birthday imaginable!

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