Killed by a Drunk Driver, Kristina Was Never Able to Complete Her Bucket List – Until Now.


Along a busy road in Chico, California, there's a memorial for 21-year-old nursing student, Kristina Chesterman who was killed on her bike by a drunk driver. 

Although she was studying to be a nurse, Kristina had a lot of other dreams, that no one really knew about. That was until her parents went to clean out their daughter's old apartment. The couple stumbled across a makeup bag that held no makeup - instead, a bucket list. 

When they read the list they knew exactly what they had to do next. Because Kristina was never able to complete most of the things on her list, her parents wanted to do it for her. One by one, they have crossed off each of the adventures on daughter list. 

The most amazing part to this story is that Kristina's parents aren't those only ones helping to complete the bucket list. Thousands of people from all over the world, strangers, are all doing it too!

Kristina's parents are so happy to know that she has become such an inspiration to people that never even knew her. What a touching story! Please be sure to SHARE this amazing video on Facebook.

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