Learn How to Pit Cherries with this Awesome Trick!


We all love cherries, right? But if you're using them to make something like cherry sauce or cherry pie, then you know that they can be a pain to pit. Baking with cherries definitely takes some extra work, and in the past that might have discouraged you from using them, but not anymore! 

Of course, there are cherry pitter tools you can use, but those cost extra money. And who wants to spend hard-earned cash on a cherry pitter? Not us! With this genius trick, all you need is chopsticks and an empty bottle! Those are nearly free, and they won't take up space in your drawer! 

Are you as impressed by this trick as we are? We think it's pretty awesome! We love videos that make our lives easier and save us time and money, and that's exactly what this is! Share this video with your friends on Facebook, they'll think it's cool too! 

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