What Does it Mean to do Something ‘Like a Girl’? This Powerful Message Will Change the Way You View That Phrase.


What does it mean to do something ‘like a girl’? It seems
that whenever someone says you do something ‘like a girl’, it’s usually an
insult. If someone tells someone they ‘run like a girl’ or ‘throw like a girl’
or whatever it may be, it generally has a negative connotation with it.

When did the saying ‘like a girl’ take on so much
negativity? Always set out on a mission to see what it really means to be ‘like
a girl’.

Adults were asked to demonstrate what it looks like to
run, fight, and throw like a girl. Little girls were then asked to do the same.
The discrepancy in the results was dramatic and incredibly eye opening.

When women go through puberty, their confidence plummets.
They begin to question things they did as a child and feel like they need to
fit into a societal norm. So when you tell an adolescent girl she does
something ‘like a girl’, it’s probably not the best for her self-confidence,

Always wants to change what it means to do something ‘like
a girl.’ If this video doesn't have you thinking twice about this powerful
saying then I don't know what will! This is the most powerful message I've
heard in a long time. Thank you, Always!

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