Little Did You Know…You’ve Been Making Bacon WRONG This Entire Time!


If you're a bacon addict
(like most of us are), you have probably eaten one or two BLT's in your
lifetime. The perfect sandwich if you ask me - crispy bacon, crunchy lettuce,
juicy tomato, a sweet touch of mayo on some warm, toasted bread - you can't beat

However, there's always one common factor that makes my BLT's
one step below perfect. Each and every time I go to take a bite, a piece of
bacon falls out, without fail!

Well, this is because we've been omitting one secret step that
will is about to put this annoying pet peeve away forever!  Watch this
video to discover the PERFECT way to make bacon for the perfect finger lickin'

After this life hack, I'm finding ways to put bacon on just
about every sandwich imaginable! Be sure to SHARE this amazing tip with all your bacon
lovin' friends!

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