Look Out Joker, This Tiny Batman is About to SAVE the Day!


At just 6-years-old, Isaac Walter was invited by the local police department to help them solve a very serious case! With the Joker and Riddler on the loose, this dilemma required the knowledge from one particular person - batman of course!  And who better than Isaac to play the role?!

Fully equipped from head to toe in his infamous batman gear, Isaac was able to save the day! 

Kansas City helped arrange this for Isaac as a way to give him a well-deserved day in the spotlight. Isaac's younger brother, Nathan, was born without and immune system and has recently gone through a bone marrow transplant and chemotherapy. 

Because he is constantly making sacrifices and doing everything he can to help support his younger brother, Isaac is often left in the shadows. But NOT today! 

What a wonderful, special moment for Isaac and his family! Nathan was also able to join in on the fun! Please SHARE! 

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