Make Your Very Own Fabric Softener At Home and SAVE Money!


It's Friday, and that means it's time to talk ''frugal!" Before you head out to the store to stock up on that weekend shopping list, you have to check this out! 

There's nothing that I love more than coming across a DIY tip that is not only essential to my daily living, but that can also save me a ton of money! CaliKim29 knows a thing or two about saving money for your home and she's about to prove that living like a Frugalista is so much fun! 

She's going to share with us the secret to keeping her clothes and linens smelling and feeling great with her step-by-step, DIY fabric softener tutorial. With just a few, simple ingredients that we all most likely have somewhere stored in our home, we too can save big each month just by making our own fabric softener! And if that doesn't sound good enough, just imagine all the fun we'll have with this hands-on activity! 

There's plenty where that came from! CalKim29 also has an array of different ways to save money in the home. (She sounds like my type of woman!) Check out her tutorial, find your inner Frugalista, and start saving! 

Happy Friday, Freemales! xoxo 

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