Marines’ “Silent Drill” Isn’t So Silent When One Marine Makes a LOUD Mistake! OOPS!


The United States Marine Corps is America strong and not only for their bravery serving our country, but for their precision and dedication they demonstrate in their everyday performance. 

The Marine Silent Drill Platoon, for instance, execute a series of calculated drill movements and precise handling of their hand-polished rifles in a routine that any civilian watching would be left in complete awe! With superfluous rifle spins and tossing and catching, it'll make you wonder how they even do it in silence. But leave it up to the newbies to completely mess things up! 

With an audience of hundreds, this Silent Drill Platoon created a huge ruckus when, in the middle of their routine, one of the Marines misses the rifle the drill instructor tossed to him. This not-so-silent routine doesn't happen often, but when it does, it's the loudest mistake anyone can hear! Oops, looks like this Marine is in big trouble! 

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