Married 16 Years, this Husband STILL Finds Ways to Surprise His Wife!!


Tommy and Janet have been married for 16 years, but that doesn't mean that the excitement in the marriage has to disappear! 

Wanting to show his commitment after all this time, Tommy planned a very special way to show just so!  

As the couple is making their way through the lobby of a hotel lobby, Tommy pulls Janet aside and directs her eyes to a man who has begun to dance. One by one, more dancers join in and soon a full flash mob engulfs the couple!

When the dance is finished, Tommy turns to his wife and gets down on one knee. And with the entire hotel lobby as their witness, he RE-proposes to Janet! 

Followed by a rumble of applause and many hoots and hollers, Janet (obviously) says yes! SHARE this super cute flash mob with your friends and family! 

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