Measuring Sticky Foods Doesn’t Have To Be a Sticky Situation! Do It In 3 EASY Steps!


The best memories are the ones made in the kitchen, and with the holidays right around the
corner, the kitchen will be warm and toasty for baking up some of the best memories in no time! 

Sometimes we come across those dreadful recipes that require more effort than we had anticipated, like baking with sticky ingredients! Whether it's peanut butter, syrup, or molasses, these adherent foods easily stick to our measuring tools and can turn our baking experience into one giant mess! GetItFree wants to help you make unforgettable, stress-free memories this holiday season with a brilliant, simple tip! 

Take the mess out of baking and learn how to measure sticky foods in just three, easy steps! You won't believe how simple baking can actually be!

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