Meet Emi Sunshine – The Next HUGE Star of Country Music!


Many people are calling Emi Sunshine (or Emily Sunshine
Hamilton) the next Dolly Parton. And it’s easy to see why! I had never heard of
this little girl before today, but once I heard her sing I couldn’t believe my

This little girl was born to sing country music.
Nine-year-old Emi can sing, yodel, play guitar, write music, and much more! In
this video she is performing a song with her band, Emi Sunshine and the Rain,
which consists of her father, uncle and brother.

I can’t believe this little girl is only nine-years-old! She
is going to grow up and have an AMAZING career in music. You can just tell that
country music is in her soul.

What did YOU think of this amazing little girl’s talent? I was
blown away.

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her amazing voice and talent!

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