Next Time You Complain About Your Heels, Remember These Guys! They’re Strutting Their Stuff Sky-High!


Women have it rough in life, and I'm not necessarily talking about child birth. I'm talking about those stilts society expects us to maneuver in while we work, shop, and play. No matter how great a woman can look in heels, she'll be the first to tell you just how painful the task can be! 

Getting down in sky-high heels is no where near pleasurable, but this trio makes it look so easy- and so damn good! Yanis Marshall and his crew are back with another fierce performance, this time getting turnt to Arianna Grande's "Break Free!" 

Admit it, this is exactly how you dance to this song when you're alone in your room. These men in heels are all of our inner divas busting out moves we only wish we can unleash. Let this ridiculously fabulous performance be our inspiration- especially when we're 5 inches taller in pain! 

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