No One Even Dared To Sing This Difficult Song In Front Of The Judges- Except This 10-Year-Old!


Chloe Hickinbottom was born to sell records, at least that's what the judges were saying after her incredible performance on Britain's Got Talent. Only 10-years-old, she walked onstage with more confidence than it seemed her small stature could handle and announced she would attempt “The White Cliffs of Dover”, by the famous by Vera Lynn of 1942. The look of doubt on the judges faces was enough to motivate this young little girl to leave the audience speechless.

Watch the moment when young Chloe has the audience roaring in cheers as she belches out her very first high note. Her powerful voice gave me chills! Clearly, Chloe Hickinbottom is the last little girl anyone should ever doubt. She's incredible! 

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