Norman the Blind Dog Makes a Heroic Rescue! This Video Left me in Tears!


Annette and Steve McDonald had no idea what they were
getting themselves into when they rescued Norman, a yellow Labrador, from their
local Oregon animal shelter. 

Norman is an adorable, gentle dog and they knew as
soon as they laid eyes on him that he was the one for them. Norman instantly became part of the family and grew to be an
extraordinary dog! They had no idea just how extraordinary he was though until
one fateful trip to the beach.

Soon after they took Norman home from the shelter, Annette
and Steve found out that he had a rare genetic disease in his eyes, which
ultimately left him blind. There was no treatment for his disease and no way to
restore his eyesight, but this didn’t stop Norman! He adjusted to his diagnosis
like a champ and never seemed to skip a beat!

One day, out of the blue, Annette decided to take Norman to
one of his favorite places – the Necanicum River. Once they got there Norman’s
ears perked up and he instantly dove into the water! A 14-year old girl was
getting sucked out into the ocean by the current and was drowning. Norman heard
her cries for help and without even thinking bee-lined it towards the screams,
following the sound of her voice.

By following the sound of the girl and Annette’s voice,
Norman was able to pull her out of the water and bring her to safety!

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