Not Only is it Tasty – But It’s Also GREAT For You!


There’s certain foods that are either A) only in season
during summertime, or B) just taste so much better when it’s hot outside.
Watermelon is the perfect example!

This quintessential summer fruit is delicious, thirst
quenching, sweet, cool, refreshing – I could go on and on! Personally, I think
all things watermelon are delicious! From fresh watermelon, to watermelon
juice, and watermelon flavored candies, anything watermelon gets an A+ in my

But did you know that this delicious summer treat is also
packed with vitamins and nutrients that are GREAT for you?! It can reduce high
blood pressure, improve eye health, reduce the risk of heart disease, boost
your immune system and SO much more!

So next time you’re at a summer BBQ do your body good and
eat up! Check out these 12 amazing health benefits of watermelon then SHARE with your friends!

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