Of Course They’d Make Apps for Your Pet! I’m Not Surprised But I Sure Am Intrigued!


Just when you thought they've come up with it all, technology designs apps that will keep both you and your fun-loving, furry companion entertained for days! 

Apparently you're not the only one who's addicted to Candy Crush or Fruit Ninja! Check out this ridiculous compilation of pets glued to their tablets and smartphones! From ant-licking lizards to mice-crushing cats, these pets just love their app games! It makes sense that these animals are top scorers, because according to the makers of these apps, animals are "like humans!" 

I can't even imagine what they'll come up with next! 

If you don't already have these apps downloaded for your pet, you probably should start doing so! Before you know it, all the cool cats on the block will have the latest technology and your cat will most likely resent you if they don't. Wait for it...

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