OMG This Proposal is So Sweet!


Kudos to this guy for arranging a proposal that is beyond cute! 

All of the couple's close family members have arrived early to a gorgeous field that will soon be the location of a truly beautiful proposal. 

Unknowing of the family's presence, Tina follows James into that same field and he sits her down on a bushell of hay, proclaiming that he would like to sing her a song. She giggles and sits down to listen to his lovely rendition of "Will you dance with me forever?" 

As he finishes up the final lyrics, he tells her to turn around. When she does, before her stands her family holding a sign reading the questions, "will you dance with me forever?"

Shocked, Tina turns back around to James, kneeling in front of her, holding out a ring. Speechless, Tina shakes her head yes, face full of tears - happy tears of course!

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