On Their 3rd Year Anniversary He Surprises Her With… A Box of Cockroaches!


You'd figure after three years of dating, girlfriend, Karen, would have seen this coming! Meet tall, dark, and handsome, Ryan, who is absolutely in love with his girlfriend, Karen. But you'd never suspect what he had "crawling" up his sleeve just from the look of him. 

For their 3rd-year Anniversary, Kevin wanted to give Karen something special. Rather than the usual bouquet of flowers and box of chocolates, he wanted to adorn her with an important lesson to show her just how frustrated he was of her sneakiness. 

He picks her up from her home with a bouquet of wild flowers in one hand and a bow-tied box in the other. He advises that she doesn't open the box until he gets her other present from the trunk, but because he knew just how sneaky she could be, he only hoped she wouldn't listen to his directions. Waiting in that box that she thought was chocolates was a swarm of hissing cockroaches! 

Watch as she does EXACTLY what he anticipated and makes their 3rd-year anniversary a lesson worth sharing with the world! There are no words that would describe just how angry I would be, but her reaction to the horrific prank is quite surprising. 

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