One of the Most Controversial Women in America Speaks Out against the Culture of Humiliation


Some people dream of having fifteen minutes of fame. For others, their fifteen minutes could stretch a whole lifetime, like a shadow following them for the rest of their life. In the case of Monica Lewinsky, arguably one of the most controversial women in America, such fame was completely unwanted. In an illuminating TED Talk, Lewinsky shares her experience as the subject of public derision on a global scale, denouncing a "culture of humiliation" that derives satisfaction from the mistakes and misfortune of others, particularly that of women. 

Whatever you think of Lewinsky, she raises some thought-provoking points about the double standards women face, and the dangers of encouraging such modern day public crucifixions, where the masses are fed often deliberately sensationalist stories by the media to spark outrage and indignation. Her talk raises the question: why do we seem to enjoy collectively judging others, especially those who are thrust into the spotlight, no matter how unwilling they are?

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