Only 16-Months Old & She Swims Better Than Most People! You Have To See It To Believe It!


Babies can do remarkable things, but it's not often we seem them doing strenuous activities adults can barely do. This little girl proves that babies can do the unthinkable with the proper discipline and guidance. 

At only 16 months old, baby Elizabeth has been trained by professional instructors to swim, and fortunately for her, her parents are both CPR and water safety certified and have backgrounds in swim instructing and lifeguarding. She was destined to be a swimmer, and because she has incredible determination, she's destined to be a GREAT one! 

Watch as she rolls over on her back to take a breath of air to be able to swim across the entire length of the pool. I even noticed during one lap, she held her breath the entire way. It's incredbile!

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