Oops! This 3-Year-Old Can’t Pronounce “Bow-And-Arrow” And Shocks His Parents With What He Blurts Out Instead!


Developing pronunciation skills is one of the most challenging aspects of life we all experienced once upon a time. For years, "fork" is the F-Bomb and "beach" is the word that makes your grandparents squirm, but we've all been there done that. All parents could hope for is that their child mispronounces their words in private- or on camera for blackmail later in life!

These parents know pronunciation mishaps all too well when their sons blurts out something that he technically shouldn't be experiencing as a 3-year-old boy. After receiving his first Bow-And-Arrow, he did what every little boy would do and shouted with joy! But how he pronounced his brand new toy wasn't exactly kid-friendly! 

Watch the reaction of the parents when they hear their child blurt out "Boner" instead of "Bow-And-Arrow." They're in hysterics and I can't stop laughing! 

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